Certified GAPS Practitioner   Nutritionist    Homoeopath (SDSHom)    Doula

With a life long interest in diet and cooking.

A  member of Doula UK and a Birthing Doula of 18 years +. I am passionate about supporting women and their choices in childbirth. Their partners have always been happy with me as part of the “Birthing Team.”

I am a Breast Feeding Counsellor with La Leche League.

I trained to become a homoeopath after studying with the Fabulous Phyl Eyre and at The Southdowns School of Homeopathy. I combined teaching nutrition with homoeopathic treatment to both patients and Birthing Clients.

And did not always get the results with Nutrition, and remained baffled. Even more so when following government dietary guidelines with patients developing Gestational Diabetes.

Then I began to read about the benefits of real fats in the diet, read more on traditional societies, the work of Dr Weston A Price, and realised that the beautiful physical structure, straight teeth and strength he talked about I had seen. I had danced with the Masai in 1990. I have to acknnowledge Barry Groves, for his research and  support. I stopped eating grains and started to eat butter and cream again.

I practise what I preach, and saw the benefits as patients health now improves even more. From digestive complaints to blood sugar levels coming under control, complications of diabetes, unexplained pains disappearing, energy levels returning, arthritic complaints significantly improving and physique; round shoulders squaring and weak muscular posture strengthening, not forgetting improved dental health and caries reducing….

Then I read “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, worked with a family who follow the GAPS diet, and saw the amazing changes in their autistic child. I met a child with autism who understands feelings, and expresses them.  Who enjoys making friends. They had been told he would never be able to dress himself or talk properly. I knew then that I had to train to become a Certified GAPS Practitioner and did.

I was trained by Dr Natasha Campbel-McBride in September 2012.

GAPS recognises the connection between the health of the gut and of the body. How the two are intimately entwined, and affect each other. So, heal the gut, you improve your immune system and your health. It takes dedication to follow the GAPS diet, probably more so than following a High fat low carb diet. Working with a practitioner to guide and support you ensures you get the right help on your path to good health.

I like the lack of unnecessary supplements. I like the approach of where they are needed, working towards a cessation.

The analalogy often springs to mind (and yes, I have done it…….) if you put diesel into a petrol engine, it won’t work. Keep putting the wrong grade of oil into the engine, and parts start to go wrong, to seize up. Why do the same to your body with food?

Caroline can be consulted at;

Chichester  Natural Health Centre

5 City Business Centre

Basin Road

Chichester    West Sussex


tel 01243 786946

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