Chilly Ginger mixed Sea Food dish




I recently walked past my Fishmongers as they were closing and saw a selection of seriously reduced price fish:




So I bought a Lemon Sole, scallops and some peeled prawns. Got home to find that I had a red pepper, bunch of parsley and in the garden, some spring onions. So I sliced the pepper and spring onions, added fresh ginger and dried chilies and threw them into the frying pan with a large dollop of coconut oil. I may even have added some garlic, entirely up to you 😉

20140425_205308Sliced the Lemon sole20140425_205604Did the same to the Scallops20140425_210154And added them to the frying pan20140425_210311 Next I finely chopped the parsley and threw that into the frying pan and gave a gentle and thorough stir20140425_210506
And last, I added the prawns, as they were already cooked and just needed to be warmed up.
20140425_210745Season with salt to  your taste, add a slice of lemon e voila! This dish took less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook.20140425_211100

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