Having Caroline as a doula made all the difference to my pregnancy, the birth and the first few weeks of motherhood.

Caroline had all the time for my emotions, to listen to how I was feeling and offered me a lot of advice and practical solutions to issues that arose, for example, an hour or so after I phoned Caroline telling her of my back pain, she popped in with 2 special back pillows and some homoeopathic remedies. I felt so looked after.

Caroline also recognised my fears from my last difficult birth, and took me to the labour ward, counselling me through all the feelings and memories that arose, moving me onto a more positive outlook on my 2nd experience of giving birth.

She came with me to consultant appointments and was able to help me understand my rights and choices. Because I had only experienced traditional midwives and hospital procedures I had not known how many positive and natural choices were available to me. It was quite eye opening. Everything I was unsure about Caroline had great advice on. This was so reassuring as in the weeks leading up to the birth there are so many unknowns.

As  soon as I recognised I was in labour, Caroline was at my home, supporting me and also releasing my husband to care for our 9 year old. She never left my side from the house to the hospital and all through the birth.

Because she knew me so well and what I wanted she could speak for me and impart that all I hoped for, happened. She knew exactly how to support and encourage me. I know I wouldn’t have got through the birth so successfully without her.

She and my husband worked as a team. having a 3rd person did not make my husband feel excluded in any way. He found it to  be a great benefit and comfort knowing there was an additional person to support me.


When my little boy was born, Caroline had a wealth of breastfeeding advice and came to my home to address all of my concerns personally, showing me how to best feed him. She continued to give homoeopathic remedies to help me heal and even helped me think practically about sleeping arrangements.

I highly recommend Caroline as a doula if you are considering whether it might be the right option for you.

Sally W.  June 2012


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